Can not cancel auto renewal or remove credit card

This is really starting to frustrate me. I went to the website to turn off auto renewal for my Xbox Live subscription. There is no button on the website to do so. By the instruction's logic that means that auto renewal is already turned off, but when I tried to remove my credit card from the Billings information it told me it couldn't because it was set to auto renewal. I called Xbox support and a guy said he would fix it. He told me that it would not renew the subscription after the current month expired. But when I went to remove the card again it told me that it couldn't and that I needed to turn off auto renewal. This is really starting to make me mad. The only thing I can think of is that Xbox gave me a one month free Gold for the MCC launch, but I should still be able to remove my credit card. Has anybody else had experience with this issue. I'm about ready to call Microsoft and cuss them out. Any information that could save me from making a *** out of myself would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Xbox Support over the phone can turn off the auto renew. Obviously the fella you spoke to didn't do it. All I can suggest is call them up again and ask them nicely to turn off Auto renew.  Don't cuss them its best to be polite and patient. If they say they can't do it ask them for an explaination as to why they can't.

That is my immediate plan, once it turn 6:00 A.M. here. Is it possible that they won't let you remove a card until the current subscription expires? That wouldn't explain the lack of icons to turn auto renew off/on from, but it would explain why I can't remove my credit card. I'm beginning to think this is all one big sheisty circle-jerk to keep their hands in my wallet.

Right, you can't remove a payment option while it's attached to an active gold subscription.

Once you choose to remove your payment plan they will turn. Off live service to your. Current subscription. If you choose that option you will lose all remaining time associated with that account..

when using prepaid cards just remember not to select auto renewal .

And tou can also remove. Credit.  Cards from you accout from. The play store.


When having troubles such as this, it's best to simply contact the CC company and explain to them the situation, and have them cancel that card and issue you another card.

Also, it's best not to put your CC info on anything that's connected to the net. That includes Consoles!