Can I use Bose AE2i headphones as a headset/microphone?

I have the Bose AE2i headphones (which include a mic). Is there some cable I can buy so that I can connect it to my xbox 360 controller, and have both the audio and the microphone work?


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No there isn't a simple cable that would let you do that. From what I can see the Mic is integrated in the inline remote and designed for phones that support the three channel 3.5mm connector setup. Even the complicated methods of getting a PC headset with a stereo and mic cable wouldn't work.


There are several ways to use your Headphones with the 360, but the Live chat would need to be solved using some other method. Possibly a 2.5mm cellphone headset that you could wear under your headphones which would plug into your controller. If you have a Kinect it can act as a microphone, but Live chat over speakers has always been incredibly quiet making it almost useless. Really if you want headphones and Xbox Live chat integration it's worth it just to buy a product designed for it.

Thanks for the answer. I just wanted to see if it could be done. It's a shame that it can't be done though.

yo dude, i have the bose AE2i, and i want to game with them, but the sound is super bad, when i listen to music through my ipod tho the sound is really good, but i cant game with them for some reason, can you play xbox with them?