Can I test xbox multiplayer connection from my PC? Help with Cloud save games

I've been having problems for as long as i've had my xbox, i've had alot of problems with my internet as well so it's really hard for me to identify where my problem is. I always get kicked out of multiplayer games and my party chat will stop working and say it's because of network issues, but i will turn to my computer and can load up web pages without a problem while i still can't hear my friends.

Is there any program i can download to my computer too 100 % determine whether I am having internet issues or if the problems are directly related to my xbox?

and now to get to the other problem, I am having problems downloading cloud save games. I couldn't download the save game for batman arkham knight for 2 days (about 30 attempts to do it) and then all of a sudden it worked but now i'm having the same problem with The Witcher 3. It gets to about 25% which takes it a good 10 minutes then comes up saying try syncing again or use this game or app offline. (80004005). I even tried to watch a twitch livestream while downloading the cloud save file to see if it shows any drop outs and it was working fine the whole time

My download speed is around 8.5mbps upload 0.9

i've done multiple resets on everything removed profile twice with hard resets.

So really my question is how the hell do i find out whether my problems are the internet or the xbox one????


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