Can I stream Netflix movies in Surround Sound from the Xbox 360?

I know PS3 has Netflix with surround sound, but does the 360?


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The 360 does not.

Yes, Netflix on the Xbox 360 now has support for Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound streaming on some of the content. .  It was added in the new app last December.

I will second the yes


Some titles have digital audio they will say right next to the HD/ rating/ run time.

the easiest solution is to run a phono (RED AND WHITE) cable from the back of the T.V into your surround sound output unit!   then any sound that is emitted from the T.V will be heard on the additional speakers as well!  I did this with a simple HI-FI unit and when I switch to AUX input I can hear the t.v 

Yes thats true but that can be done with a system that would be like 5 channel stereophonic sound,  it works good with surround simulators.  But lets just assume the question of surround sound is asking if Netflix plays movies with more than two channels.  Netflix actually produce's digital signal for 5.1 Dolby Digital.  Or just digital I'm assuming.  But In my case it works with 7.0 bass through the mains.  I even pick up the DD lock.