Can I reduce latency?

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Due to where I currently live, the only form of internet that I can receive is 4G Mobile Broadband. This is due to moving to a new housing development where there are no landline cables installed. With this connection, according to my Xbox One, my latency is between 280-290ms via a wi-fi connection. I have read in various articles and on forums that my latency can be reduced by utilising an ethernet connection instead. If I can find a router that can 'piggyback' my original 4G connection and convert it to an ethernet connection, will it help to reduce my latency or because my original latency is so high, will it not help at all?

If it helps, I live in Australia and my NAT Type is Strict!



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If you're connecting through a hotspot, there is not much you can do, most of the latency is coming from the cellular connection to the tower, not from the WiFi signal to the Xbox, best you can do is make sure you have the best cellular signal.

Investigate to see if there are any WISP providers in your area, they basically provide "last mile" WiFi which would be much better than cellular. But depending on how remote you are, you just might be out of luck.

And you'd have to talk to your cellular provider about getting a public IP, or see if they can provide a work around, that would be the best way of getting around a stict NAT.

I believe my current provider is about the best there is when it comes to wireless internet in my area sadly. I'm on a full-fledged plan with them so I don't believe there's much else out there to try. I definitely plan on speaking to them about acquiring a public IP address though, thanks for your reply! I don't think I'll worry about purchasing a router with an Ethernet outport either.

if you're using a cellular hotspot, that is not the same thing as a wireless ISP (WISP), if you have a good WISP in your area, the latency would drop down to 50-100ms easily, depending on how they are setup, i use to work for one here in the US and our latency to the internet was 15-50ms depending on the area.

quick Google search:

see if there is one in your territory, maybe there are none servicing your area, but you never know until you look, WISP are commonly looked over just because people are search for cable, DSL or cellular.

Yeah as I thought, I'm way too far from any built up/metro area!  That's quite disappointing but thank you for your assistance nonetheless!

terrible luck, i'd suggest searching from time to time in case someone does move into the area, because for a WISP people that live in rural areas is their "bread and butter".