Can I play/download fallout 4 without any internet connection?

Ok so I recently moved into college halls and they block internet usage on all gaming consoles which sucks. I also recently pre-ordered fallout 4 as I've heard it's all offline and I don't need an Internet connection at all to play it. I was just wondering if this is true? Or do i need an Internet connection to download patches and updates in the game? im worried that it will say that I can't play the game until I update it, exept I can't update it because I have no connection. I would be gratefull if anyone could help me out on this as it would suck big time if i wasted £40.

Thanks guys :)


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You should be able to,just set your console to offline mode in the settings.

Obviously you'll need to be connected for any updates but as far as I know it'll play straight out of the box if you are offline.

Thanks for letting me know, I won't be able to download anything off the Internet as I can't connect at all, will have to take the Xbox home at Xmas

Does this also work for some who digitally pre ordered the game? Because I'm in that situation right now. I have the game downloaded but my internet got shut off.

There is a small patch I had to download when I first started the game but I think you should be able to play offline with the digital version as well without it.

Not sure what the patch was for so can't say 100% yes.

Love these sort of questions.

"Do I need internet to download xxxx?"

No, the internet pixies climb in through your window and magically put xxxx onto your console.

As for IRAM1N, yes you'll need the internet to download a small file that unlocks the game, without that the game wont unlock.