Can i play singapore set xbox one in japan?

Hi there. I have the xbox one (singapore set) i bought this year. I will moving to Japan for study. The question is, can i play my singapore set xbox one in japan without any problem? Do i need volt transformer? 


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Singapore domestic Mains supply is 230volts 50hz and Japan's domestic Mains supply 100 Volts 50hz / 60Hz

didn't know Japan's domestic was only 100v ?

not sure if you can buy a voltage inverter which can turn the voltage from 100v 50hz to 230 50hz you might be lucky?

You should never use any type of voltage converter with your console.

You would need the correct power brick for Japan.Best bet is to contact support once you are there & they will point you in the right direction.

an inverter is an device that will allow you to simply plug your 230v powered device into .. just like plugging to your wall socket at home.

for example you can buy an inverter that will allow you to run an 230v device off your car battery

so it turns 12/24 or 48 volts into 110volts / 230volt some people use them in in camper van's etc.

I'm just not sure if they make an inverter that turns 100 volts into 230 volts if they don't then they should

I know what they are & you should never use anything like that with your console.

It does tell you this in the instruction manual.

ahh ok didn't realise thanks for the heads up fella.

although I have never had any issues using them with laptops, PS etc. but like you say better to be safe than sorry.

But the irony thing is my singapore set PS4 work fine in japan. Both my PS4 and xbox one has same power which is 220v-240v.