can i get the movies and tv shows on xbox one?

can i get the movies and tv shows on my 360 on the xbox one or is that the same as my downloaded games?or should i ask support any one seen anything on that?


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get the tv show and movies i bought on my 360 on the xbox one sorry

I think as long as they still have the license to the shows you will be able to re-download all your media to the new xbox one.  Just dont quote me or anybody else on here, the only people that have xbox ones right now are off playing them having fun in beta.  

Yes you can.

^dont quote him on was also stated I would be able to buy/sell//trade/lend digital games when xbox one announced and they backtracked on that.  

It should since it linked to your gametag similar to pc and window phone.

With the 360 you can easily watch shows that are recorded on your local PCs HD over your LAN.  And it doesn't require a gold subscription.  With the X-Bone, not so much.