can i get my downloadable content back?

A couple months ago i had to make a new xbox account because yahoo messed up my email and screwed me over.  Anyway, i was wondering if there is any possible way i could get my DLC back from my old account (like map packs and arcade games)? I have tried to fix my email for over 6 month and i got no where.  So it would be awesome if someone could tell me a way to still get my stuff back.   Thanks.


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go to your download history and you could redownload everything

I just bought a new xbox and i dont have any download history on my new account.

If you still know the password and email address to that LiveID download it to your new Xbox and then redownload your purchases. But I am confused why you had to create a new account because your email was messed up?

Thanks OP for the smooth transaction user is very legit

If you still have access to your old account and you want to keep your new one then it sounds like a license transfer is in order. Let us know if you still have access to your old account on You can find info on license transfers at

my old account got messed up because i wasn't on the email for a year and it deactivated and when i reactivated it, the password won't work and i don't remember my security questions, so i had to make a new account.

You can transfer licences from one Xbox to another, using the same account, but there's no way to transfer licences from one account to another.

call microsoft up and tell them your old account was deactivated and you want to reactivated it I don't see why they wouldn't fix it. they should have your phone#, address etc. so you can prove its you.