Can i get banned for Bio art

The title preety much says it all really.. I was wondering if i would get banned if i had a bio art pic on my bio...I know i would if it was offencive but i was asking in general... thanks


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If you mean ASCII art, then it would simply depend on the Content of the Bio (like always). If you're trying to write something that would otherwise be in violation of the ToU/ CoC, then it would be the same thing. If it's something that would not be any violation (using just Fonts/ Numbers "normal" writing), then it would be fine.

It's Context and Content, not a language or writing style that determines if something violates the ToU/ CoC.

I would say that u would not get banned unless it is racist, inappropriate, or has cursing in it. And anyways if Microsoft doesn't like your bio it will just say code of conduct,hope this helped.

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