Can i convert Arcade to pro by adding new 320 GB hard drive

Can i convert Arcade to pro by adding new 320 GB hard drive


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The 320GB hard drives only work with the new slim consoles, you could add a 120GB drive to the arcade Xbox but the 320 would not fit as they are now little black drives that go inside the slim Xbox.

Thanks for your information. Apart from that hard drive is there any difference between the arcade and elite? Without hardrive also we can play all the games using DVD. What is the use of Hard drive then?

You need a hdd to install games and download dlc and demos and movies etc. An arcade and elite are the same console. All 360's work the same, just some look different.


That's wrong. The Elites have the "new" (Been replaced by the new chip in the Slim) Jasper chip which is less likely to cause RROD and is therefore better, so no, they're not the same console that just looks different, they are made differently too. And I believe that some if not all arcade consoles have no HDMI ports where as all the Elites do have them.

They are the same as in the way they operate. No system runs a game better than another. That is what I am talking about. Regardless of chipset, they are essentially the same. FYI, the arcade unit does have an hdmi port as mine has one. I got a newer S unit last year, but the arcade sku does have one.


Wow NONE of you (besides "brandiesel1) have the slightest clue about what you are talking about.

The xbox (any console for that matter) are basically a dumb computer. There made of basic computer components. CPU,GPU,RAM,HDD,Disc Drive, etc. They are basicly crap for multitasking and built  for strictly games.

The hdd in both xboxes are like any other HDD, except Microsoft locked all other non official hdd's out and they made a power/data sata to "xbox funky cable." They did this with the first xbox The controller ports where just usb ports with some goofy end they made.

"Phat xbox" mobo's/chipsets>The Original "Xenon">"Zepher" introduced HDMI>Falcon>Opus>jasper/.

"Slim xbox" Mobo's/chipsets>trinity AKA Valhalla>Corona/.

And for OP question google search>read>learn>profit??? Its possible.