Can anyone use voice commands on my kinect

Just wondering about the kinect voice features, does it mean anyone within the distance can say Xbox turn off and it will do it. Is there a privacy setting where it can only be certain people to use it? 


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Believe me anyone can tell it what to do... My 3 kids have been messing around with it since friday... It does not always understand what they are saying but they can turn it on and off...

Don't know if you can lock it to you..

unfortunately this is a problem...i have siblings that came in and said xbox and it responded and they could mess with my game.  This will need patched otherwise its going back in the box unplugged pretty quick.

Yeah I agree with you, this will need fixed. I was certain there would be away to lock it to who you want.

I hope this gets fixed. Anyone can just turn on an off my xbox :-/

Xbox Off ... YES!!!! Sad day for you! Actually that wouldn't be all that bad because it goes into standby mode (if you have it enabled) but still its something that needs to be fixed.

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