Can anyone explain to me why COD is the only game I'm able to play online?

I own COD:Ghosts, DR3, AC4, and Ryse. And the only game I'm able to play online is fricken ghosts.. It's becoming extremely irritating. I'm not sure if it's due to dedicated servers, or what.. But my name type is always open on Cod. As for AC4 it's always strict. I'm hooked up to the wireless. I know plugging directly to router would be better. But I don't want to try to do that since I have two untrustworthy brothers.. Lmao But someone please give me some hints to help me out. I can't play any other game online.. EVER! I can search for players. But never any luck finding them.. I mean maybe no one plays these other games... But I doubt it. I'm also worried because I definitely plan on getting ESO and I'm worried if I buy the damn game I won't be able to play that.

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Go on the networking section of and see what ports need to be open on your router.  They are the same ports that the 360 used along with some that were added that were not needed for Open NAT on 360.

If that does not work then do a search for Xbox One Port Forwarding and you should find a webpage that will walk you through how to configure your network so your NAT will stay open.