To all you Space Dogs out there take a moment to think of Sir Patrick Moore 

I don't know about the rest of you but I for one probably wouldn't have played any of the Space sims like Freelancer , any Alien orientated FPS like Halo and Gears or the RPG MassEffect series without having an interest in Astronomy and the Universe which was fostered and encouraged all my life by the great man himself .

We take for granted the graphic detail of some of these games but without people like Sir Patrick and others we wouldn't have known what other planets looked like  , we wouldn't have known just how beautiful the nebulas and star systems are.

He brought us all so much closer to the stars, he will be missed .  


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I remember watching him in GamesMaster. R.I.P Sir Patrick Moore.

I had forgotten about that , I was a little too old at the time ( I am 58 now but still gaming :-) ) but I did see a couple of those programmes .

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I remember watching him in GamesMaster. R.I.P Sir Patrick Moore.



I remember those programmes well.


I also remember reading an article that he was quite a big fan of gaming himself, in this article he talked about playing Star Fox on the Nintendo.


Really sad news, the man is a legend!


R.I.P Sir Patrick Moore.

Gamesmaster was mega i remember watching it at school and then it would be the next days gossip........I don't think there as been any other gaming programme that as come close to this.........I always thought that i could do the gaming challenges alot better - In reality i'd be crap...............R.I.P. Sir Patrick Moore  -  A man of knowledge........................

R.I.P. Legend, Gone... but never forgotten :)


Y'know it was only today that I remembered that he was the GM. A sad day indeed, he was a legend and his shows were fascinating to watch, RIP


R.I.P he was great as the gamesmaster, that was a awesome show. I remember watching it

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[/quote]WOW! That brings back some memories - I got picked to take part in a live GAMESMASTER stage show back when I was a teen.

Won the first two rounds of Street-fighter 2 on the SNES, then failed the next challenge which was a time-trial level from ' Cool-Spot ' on the Mega Drive. All I won was a Psygnosis' (anyone remember them?) baseball cap and a handshake from Dominic Diamond, good laugh though.

Anyway, RIP to the Gamesmaster himself Sir Patrick Moore.