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Anyone else frustrated playing COD? The ranking system needs to be changed. It should match you according to your kill/death ratio. I can never have a good game, because these geeks kill me before i even see them. :/


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[quote user="KoliMEGA"]Anyone else frustrated playing COD? [/quote]

Yes, but not for the same reasons as yours. 

[quote user="KoliMEGA"]The ranking system needs to be changed. It should match you according to your kill/death ratio[/quote]

Treyarch did something similar with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 where you were put into games with players around your skill level and it did not work well. Some players had bad games on purpose so they could be matched against inexperienced players. K/D means nothing in Call of Duty because players can boost for their K/D

[quote user="KoliMEGA"]I can never have a good game, because these geeks kill me before i even see them. :/[/quote] 

and that is the way how it should remain. Learn from your mistakes, play in a party and if you are not having fun in CoD I would recommend you move onto a different game. When I started playing CoD I was terrible, but with time I got better and now I think I am a good player. 

Cod is a funny thing for me. Some days I will get my butt absolutely handed to me and others, like yesterday I will go really well. I can never get great consistency in that game. I'm either going bad. Or I'm going well. Think it really depends who is in the game with you. I've been absolutely obliterated by people of less rank than me. So it's a hard thing.

NO.  Matching players with k/d ratios and spm doesn't work in COD.  It creates unnecessary lag in a game that is decided by connections.  Black ops 2 did that and it was just an awful experience.  When you are having fun and killing lots of people someone else is dying alot and not having fun.  Someone always has to lose.

I find it has a lot to do with lag on these dedicated servers.  Some nights I have good games and stay even. Other nights I get the I saw them first and fired first yet Kill Cam says I never fired a shot. I think with Servers being in the US and myself in Canada that I am always a step behind in lag and when I get in a room with great players that have some skill. I am already handicapped with the lag so on nights when I meet a great player and we end up in a game like Saturday night game ended 65 - 10 with me and my friend with 5 kills each rest of team with 0. It Happens I am an average player but I find gaming with COD on Xbox one has a lot more lagged deaths via KC then any other COD game I've played. I am not blaming my ability on this games Lag just some people are so good that having an 80 - 120MS advantage makes them even better. I think the first matchmaking needs to be overall Lag and second be Player ability.

I played way more KC HC than I should have this weekend and I noticed something very odd.

These so called dedicated servers,  I really wonder just how dedicated they are.  

I noticed the begin game count and When I start count at 35-40 I do outstanding

and when I get a regular 10-15 count start it's a toss up for break even or my rear handed to me on a platter.

I'm not sure what the count has to do with it but I do know in previous CoD's it was part of the difference between

you being host or not.

I also played a lot of HC this weekend also KC and I noticed a lot of getting killed when player had back to me or side to me. Since there is no kill cam I just figured I got shot from someone else. Until I played a few games of normal Kill confirm I would see a player either running away or from the side most times in a dead run gun pointing down and when I started fire I would drop. Watching the kill cam I would often see them run catch sight of me stop turn and shoot. yet on my screen they never stopped or turned they to me where unaware I even saw them. Yet to them I was just a dude standing in alley they took out never firing a shot at them. This isn't an always type thing but a couple times a game I have noticed the Player on the screen that I saw did not match what the Kill cam showed me. I have to wonder how much lag I have compared to some people for what appears to be a good couple seconds of difference in what I see and what they see. I am only on DSL 6M up and 600K  down. so by no means a great connection but it's all I have in my area for now till Fibe hits later this year.

Look up the term buffer bloat. It maybe the reason for your hit and miss gaming experience.

I play a lot of KC as well. I agree with the point about how the game starts. I have found that if I join a game and I am near the last one to join, my game will start without any countdown. That's when I know I'm gonna get obliterated (as opposed to just crushed like normal). Other thing is I have watched quite a few players in game and there are many that don't appear to aim, no ADS (according to kill-cam) and yet they almost never miss?? If I get 6-8 kills in a game I'm a happy camper!! Their scores look like a Barbies measurement, 35-4-25!  I gave up worrying about and I just try and enjoy myself. I'd like to see a change in the ranking system as well. I shouldn't be anywhere near rank 30 but as long as you keep playing, the more points you get! Maybe it should be based on some other stats as well.


Haha, no because I only play the SP, safe guard or extinction.

A couple CoD back I made the decision to completely quit playing,  but yet all my friends played it,   so I would give in.  This one I bought for the simple fact to see what the dedicated servers could do,  but in the end I still hate the franchise.  Loved all of them up to Black Ops,  but after that I really didnt care for them.  Now after seeing the supposed dedicated servers,  im glad I didnt buy it digital so I could trade it in.