Call of duty ghosts imagefile error

I bought the digital version of ghosts via download on Xbox live and I've yet to play it. Every time I load the game up I get an error message that says 'imagefile7' disc drive error. I have had this problem since launch and when I talked to Xbox support I was told hat it was an activision issue not an issue with my Xbox 1. I then called activision and they said it wasn't there issue it must be an issue with my Xbox one. Activision told me to delete it and redownload it as the only advise they could give. I did and there is no change. I don't care who's issue it is I would just like to play on my $500 system. It's that too much to ask? Also has anyone else had this issue?

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i am having the same issue.  have you found anything new out?

were havin same problem!! restored factory settings and deleted everything, downloaded game again and still same problem, xbox support said 2 try n do system update offline but that dont work either, anyone had any help on this yet??

I am having same issue. I downloaded COD from xbox one store. Will not launch correctly. Gives image file errors. Whatever. Waste of 60 dollars. Shame on Microsoft or activision for this mess.

Really should be in the support section -


You should be asking for a refund if you have not been able to play the game since Launch. Goto customer care, and speak to an online agent, and email a copy of the transcript to you.


Speak to Microsoft again. Adamantly ask for a refund under your rights that you have not received a working game. And then purchase the game on disc with your refund.


No company, no matter who it be, Origin, Sony, Nintendo, etc, have the right to keep your money, and blame the Dev/Pub for a software that does not work. Microsoft sold it to you, You should be receiving your refund from Microsoft.