call of duty ghosts £10 upgrade in the uk

I am absolutely outraged at the fact i phoned up microsoft asking about the £10 upgrade in the uk. All I wanted to know was can you upgrade it if you buy it from online stores or any other supermarkets that are selling it. I have read forums on websites that yes this is possible only if you buy it from game and you keep the receipt, and I ave also read forums that say you can do this at any shop you buy it from. i phones customer support having to wait about 5-10 mins then getting through to someone who immediately said to me "so you want to refund your game sir". i then told him what i wanted to know and put me on hold. a couple of minutes later i was then informed that call of duty ghosts "isn't real". then I had to wait another few minutes for him to ask someone about this. is it really this hard microsoft to tell a customer what they want to know instead of telling them alot of rubbish? all i wanted to know was can you upgrade the COD : GHOSTS XBOX 360 EDITION TO THE XBOX ONE EDITION? i then asked can i do it from my local supermarket, again i was told nothing. the man i spoke to had no idea of what he was talking about or how to find out this information. i then hung up the phone absolutely astonished at the fact 20 minutes of my time was wasted because no one knew what i was talking about. i would like this sorted as it could affect badly and alot of people could be outraged by this. 


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Thats thier problem. Buyer beware

So what about the people that don't know this information

Only Game in the UK are offering the upgrade

I haven't heard anything about the digital download version, but as for brick and mortar stores, I'd say it's up to each business if they're going to participate in any kind of upgrade program.  If you bought the game already, the first stop you should make is at the place of business from which you purchased the 360 version.


The question nobody's asking, however... how much would it cost to downgrade, for parents who buy the wrong version?  The same, you think?

I was under the impression it was the digital versions of the game you get to upgrade for that price.

I really haven`t read to much about the one though.