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Hey everyone, I'm here to bring you know everything you need to know about the new Call of Duty subscription based service entitled Call of Duty Elite. It is essentially a HUB for all things Call of Duty a la Activision plans on charging gamers for the service as it offers extra content that can not be found straight out of the box. Activision has yet to release a price for the service but they announced portions of the service will be free. Activision wants to have it around the same price as other monthly subscription based programs such as Netflix, which charges $8/month.

A big feature for CoD Elite is a new tool that gamers will get to use. It allows you to check your in-game stats, analyze your performance, and give you feedback on how well you are playing on maps, with which guns, map overlays, etc. This feature was lightly touched upon in Call of Duty: Black Ops but not to the full extent as this service will provide.

A trailer had been leaked detailing the service in a "comical" fashion. I use the term comical lightly as it stereotypes the average Call of Duty player in an insulting manner.

The video has been taken down by Activision as fast as it went up. The reason being is most likely that there was a sneak peak of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer within the trailer. It was nothing special, just a few character models and a map. You can hear a funny jingle right before the MW3 clip came up went a little like this:

♫Legal's always circling, like the type of vultures, but instead of eating carcasses they eat all our fun♫

Whether or not this clip in the video is actual footage from Modern Warfare 3 has not yet been revealed. The graphics look extremely similar to that of Modern Warfare 2.

All will be revealed soon as E3 is right around the corner. Till then we just have to salivate over 10 seconds of theater mode footage of MW3 someone working on Call of Duty Elite was willing to toss in to spite Activision.


Share your opinions on this, :) Would you pay for the subscription?


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No. I pay for Xbox live, I pay for the game, I pay for map packs. Activision can get lost, that is saying it nicely

So for $8 a month I can check my stats and analyze my performance..........I can already do that!!! what a load of junk

If the subscription covers the price of all map packs, then maybe, just maybe........

Seriously, Who would pay for this crap? Where has the gaming industry gone to?

I'd be more interested in information on how they plan to stop the hackers and modders to be honest.


Although, this will no doubt excite millions, i doubt i would ever pay for it. Especially as ive backed away from Duty games at the moment, due to all the hacking/modding.


Will i get this...... no.

As mentioned above Bungie do this and no doubt for free ( please correct me if I'm wrong).

If people pay for this the following year you will be paying a little more for a little something else, could this be the way to test the waters for subscription play?

Activision really are clueless! The game doesn't need a poxy stat tracker/social network thingy. It needs dedicated servers, put your money into that

The Beachhead platform has "been in development for almost two years and we're very excited about the increased value and excitement we can bring to our community through this platform,"


We copied Bungie

That hideous 1980s, bevelled and embossed logo would be enough to put me off. (If I actually played COD or thought that charging extra was even remotely a good idea that is!)

Finished with CoD anyway but would never consider this.

[quote user="Shahil1998"]The graphics look extremely similar to that of Modern Warfare 2.[/quote]


From what i've heard is that they are using the MW2 game engine slightly updated.

Paying for a games subscription to get free stat tracker and the odd free content ? ... nope doesn't pursuade me.


I can see people who care about their so called precious "Kill/ Death ratio" getting the stat tracker.

In my eyes the project £10/ $10 scheme seems more pursuading.

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