call of duty blackopps

does anyone know if you can prestige in combat training?if so how do you achieve this....


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Dont think you can anymore I think they stopped it a few weeks into the game.

No you can't, but you can play with all the guns in offline mode.  Just choose to play a split screen game, but don't connect the second controler.  You can then add AI bots to fight against in the game options menu. 


Its a good way to test out guns without needing to unlock them in combat training.  To be honest though, it's not hard go through the ranks in normal combat training.

this is the only post i noticed about black ops, can anyone tell me where the hardcore capture the flag has gone?

its reli stupid. it was my fave game and i dont like paying it on non hardcore

sadily no there is no prestige in combat training mode thou they added a few modes like free for all etc to the traing mode. I like training mode you dont have to put up with hackers and modders ;)

hehe blackopps doesn't exist black ops does though