Cable box forces resolution swap every 15-20 seconds.

when I got the system on day one the tv integration worked pretty well for the first few weeks. Then every 5 seconds my tv would freeze/lag for up to 30 seconds before the picture and sound would catch up with live tv and play for a few more seconds and then freeze up again. I tried deleting stuff from the Xbox like game clips thinking it was a memory problem. I was forced to unplug my tv from the system. I was really down about it because it was a feature that I loved using. I figured maybe the next update would help the issue. now when the update came out there wasn't anything about tv fixes but I tried setting it back up anyways. Hopefully it works good this time. Well now my cable box is constantly trying to find the right resolution to be on. Constantly switches between 480,720, and then stays at 1080 for a good 15 seconds before doing it all over again. This is really discouraging because I really really want this feature in my living room. I mean if its my cable box fine but the box doesn't try to swap all over the place when the signal isn't going through the Xbox. please tell me someone out there has the same issue and maybe fixed it or just knows my pain. My cable box is a scientific Atlanta 8300 by the way.

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Also read somewhere you might just need an upgraded HDMI cable...

Set your cable box to output a fixed resolution rather than a variable one based on the content being output. Not sure how to access that with the SA box but on the Motorola boxes you access the menu by hitting the menu button with the box turned off. Googled to see on SA boxes you press Guide and Info at the same time with the box off. Once in the menu deselect 480i and p, and maybe 720p or 1080i depending on what input the TV accepts. Note that no box outputs 1080p so that will not be a selection choice. Good luck

There isn't anything wrong with the HDMI cable supplied with the Xbox One. There are 2 kinds of HDMI cables, high speed and standard though there are several options within the 2 categories such as with Ethernet or without. The only difference is transmission bandwidth supported by the cable and unless the cable has been physically damaged spending more money or swapping it out won't solve anything. The cable provided with the Xbox One is a high speed 4K compatible cable and is pretty well made for a pack in.

From my time working for TWC, you need to call you cable provider and request another box.  Anything from SA is horrible, also at least TWC will be phasing out those boxes and updgrading to others.  My advice is, if you can get one get a Cisco branded box.

As with accessing the menu for setting the output to a fixed resolution, it is easily found with the menus.  After hitting the menu button.

Forcing the box to stay at any one resolution doesn't work. It still lags up and switches resolution for some reason. Oddly when I went into the settings at first it was already set to only display 1080. I think the box is junk. I'll call time Warner today.

yeah if you have an older model... was something about the hardware was not compatible with the new tech