Cable Box and Xbox One Guide Question

I have my xbox one and Cox Communications for my cable provider. The cable box only has one HDMI output. Everything runs through my Onkyo A/V receiver so the cable box hdmi (TV/CABL) out and the xbox hdmi (GAME) out both go to the onkyo and then the A/V hdmi to my TV.  So if I send my cable box hdmi to the xbox one does that mean I would then have to turn on my xbox every time I wanted to watch regular TV? Do I need a cable box with 2 HDMI outs? Does anyone have any information on this that could help me out? If not I guess i can start pulling wires and messing with everything but don't real wan to break down my entertainment chest for this if someone has an answer. Thanks


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do what feels right you can directly plug in your cable box to the X1 and have it work did it last night. as for the other things have it go to another HDMI port. also the X1 does support audio receivers when you setup the TV functions just go thorough it and see what works best

Let us know what you find out

As of now, the Xbox One has to be powered on for the video from the HDMI input to be visible. In a powered off state (even when configured for Instant-on) the video from the HDMI input is not passed through to the output.

I will mess with the setup and report back what I find.