Buying Xbox One Games is impossible

About 3/4 of the time I go to purchase a digital game from the Xbox store it says BUNDLE ONLY? I dont understand this from a business stand point. It seems that they (xbox) causes various games to lose alot of sales do to this selfish business decision. I know they're just assuming we the consumer will go ahead an purchase the bundle an this may work for privaleged kids whose parents just allows them to use their credit card how an whenever. But, for the majority of us who cant just throw money at all the DLC content as well as the game this is just not an option. Also half the time there isnt even a bundle to purchase so how can I buy the game? I went to buy Elder Scrolls Online which it says is on SALE but when I go to check the price; not to my suprise it says Bundle Only. Then I go to check the bundles sale price an it is unavailable. Some of us want to just simply purchase the game and now your stoping us from even doing that. The gaming industry as a whole needs a huge makeover. I mean we hv gaming developers telling us how they want us to play THEIR game. Instead og once we purchase it, it becoming our game to playh ow we choose! 


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Many digital titles have multiple versions, such as those that come with DLC or season passes. Often enough, what you're looking at are these items, which you can only get as part of the "special edition" bundle - I see this most of the time with those kinds of games when they're only available for pre-order. You can't download DLC or premium content that's not yet available, but it's there for advertising purposes and will reserve that content for you when you preorder the game and reserve it for when it does release - that's why it says bundle only. If you don't want the bundle, the bare-bones version of the game is always available and not hard to find. Just use the search function of the store and Bing it. ;)

bundles are usually the same price that have an extra bonus attached to the purchase... sure you will see some priced more that are special editions...

If a game that is being sold has a free addition to the purchase... you cannot buy just the base game without it...that is why it says buy bundle...

I assumed they were just advertising placeholders for retail copy's.

Maybe it freaked out last night, I was trying to buy a standalone episode of Game of Thrones and all I got was the bundle option.  Live went down shortly after.