Buying The Taken King Without Expansion Packs 1 & 2

So I have all the original "Destiny" content.

The Taken King released a couple of weeks ago but I've been away from my box.

I see the disc version available for 40 pounds but this includes the original game and previous 2 expansions.

Then I see a digital version which states that "people who own the 2 expansions Guardians that own Destiny and both expansions – The Dark Below and House of Wolves – have special access to purchase a digital download of Destiny: The Taken King"... also for 40 pounds.

Is there not simply a "Taken King" Download available at a lower cost?

Thanks in advance.


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Don't think so,..... Got to hand it to them and not a mask or swag bag in sight....


Hello "Azrael008uk"  :)


Like others have said, there is the $44.00 (taxes included) The Taken King only DLC.

But my best advice to you is to maybe wait to see if The Dark Below and House Of Wolves get sold on a super discount sale in the future then pick-up TTK.


Have a nice day or afternoon or night "Azrael008uk"  :)


You may as well get the disc version with all 3 dlc from Simply Games Az. Less than 40 quid.

That's the thing that annoyed everyone, the physical versions were the same as the digital, except for me, the digital purchase of TFF by itself was the cheapest option.

Also if you buy the physical version with the intention of giving away the codes for the dark below and house of wolves, I don't thin you can as I believe it's one code for all the content so you won't be able to give anything away, well that's what happened to a friend anyway.

I've really enjoyed the update and think it was money well spent, even though I still feel it was a little overpriced here, I've been having a lot of fun.

Given that I sold my PS4 copy when it was still new, Do destiny players see buying the entire game to be good value? I'm actually thinking on getting this on xb1 given that it's finally a complete game. Not meaning to hijack Az, sort of a similar question.

I think the updated "full" version is normal value and what is should of been at launch.  Its unbelievable that suckers like me who purchased it new should be expected to fork out again for a title we already own without the option to purchase the TTK DLC at a reasonable price.

Yeah, I'm really surprised by this.

I loved "Destiny" and tons of us played that game more than anything else on the XBox.

To offer an expansion and say "Well... you'll have to buy it at New Game Price" is a disappointing way to treat their fans.

More and more people are simply starting to say "Well if you're gonna be greedy, forget it then".

Most of my main buddies have held off buying "The Taken King" for this reason, with the exception of one buddy who came to "Destiny" late and didn't have the expansions so the Legendary Taken King was a great buy for him.

Is "The Taken King" available as a disc game then or do you simply get "Destiny" and codes for everything else?

I might have read this wrong but ...

If you already have the full game and want the TTK DLC you have to pay full price and buy the game again you already have to get the new content? you can't buy it separate for say £20-30?

Ok great for new buyers, they are getting a lot of content for their money! For people that already own it I'd say that's a complete kick in the face and Bungie should be ashamed. I'm not saying Destiny fans are not enjoying it but it's got to leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Not surprised more and more people are walking away from the game, something I would do if I was still playing, no matter how much I was enjoying it.

^Agreed @Lofty. I walked away shortly after PoE. It was about that time that a friend told me about their plan to charge for the whole game again + this DLC.  I had zero problem saying no to The Taken Currency.

It seems to be cheaper to purchase the digital content in Canada and the USA compared to the UK.

The stand alone expansion is available for a reduced price there whereas in the UK you pay new game price.

At least as far as the Canadians are concerned we do get better games prices but they're got the bragging rights on TTK.

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