Buying Preowned From

Anyone ever done this?

Thinking of getting a console off there but just wondered what are the chances it'll show up and be banned/broke and if it's possible to take it back to a store if it is. If I can't I'll probably just get one instore but it'd be easier for me to get it online.



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if you are going to buy pre-owned then I'd go to a store to buy it. That way you can at least ask to see it connected to Live, and check yourself for any signs of tampering, before you leave the store.

Agreed with voteDC, I have bought pre-owned online before and it arrived broken, I was advised to take it to my nearesr GAME store for replacement or send it back and wait for them to send another one. Games is fine online, but Consoles I wouldn't bother

if it is broken or banned you can still take it back to the store.

Even if you buy it off ebay and it is broken / banned you can get your money back through paypal.

Yeah they do give a warranty with them, personally I'd prefer to buy new though.

Cheers guys, wasn't gonna buy new as it's an extra for a spare room but since there's no insertion fees on ebay this weekend I might try my luck at flogging some old bike gear and then buy a new one risk free :D