Buying a tv really soon! PLEASE HELP!!!

Hey guys, 

Me and my fiance are moving into our new place very soon and we are buying a new tv and hoping to get one while sales are on during the holidays.

We want a TV that is LED and has to be good for gaming. If it has lag issues we don't want it. Our price range goes as high as $2000. I'm finding it tough to find any site or forum that can tell me what is the best LED tv for gaming. Please reply as quick as you can. We might even buy tonight! lol. All reply's are GREATLY appreciated!!!


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Ok, with a $2000 budget, you will probably have plenty of money left over. Size depends on how far you'll be sitting away from the TV. If you are anywhere from 7-10ft away (as an average living room is), then I believe anywhere from 42-55" is perfect. For LED-LCD, get anything with 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate (the 120hz is better for movies than 60hz). From there, read reviews. I always like to go to to narrow down my choices using the items on the left, then read reviews on that sight and On amazon you can do a search in the reviews section. Something to consider is searching for keywords like "xbox" and "gaming" this way you can see what people think of it. Once you have some ideas, go to the store to see the TV yourself, if you found something on BestBuy's site, use the store locator to see where it is in stock in your local area. Lastly, and I'm not kidding. Actually bring in your xbox with you and ask if you can plug it in to the TV you like, this way, you can see how it stands up to gaming, without the risk of having to return everything.

Outside of this, I have no other expertise as my family back home's "best TV" is a 29" Tube in our living room. I run a 3 year old 19" 720p LCD TV. I am hoping to get myself a 24" 1080p LED-LCD this holiday season though. Which another thing, recomended brands. Basically Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, (and even though I don't like their products) Sony are the best brands to look at. My 19" is a Toshiba and I love it. The 24" I'm looking at is also a Toshiba. One of the other things with TVs now is the newest big features are 3D which I personally have no interest in (but if you go 3D, you should go 240Hz refresh) and smart TVs (or basically internet TVs with webapps). I think between features already on Blu-Ray players and gaming systems (not to mention most people own computers) that internet connected TVs are useless (I still find internet connectivity in Blu-Ray players to be useless outside of firmware updates, but some people like it for things like Netflix, YouTube, and other Video on Demand services).

Here is a search to get you started (I've already narrowed it down to LED-LCD, 120Hz, and 1080p. From here, I recomend first selecting the size range that you want, then look into other important options that you may need/want):
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With $2000 you have plenty of options.  I recommend you go either for Samsung or Sony as those seem to be the best in quality.  

One word... Sony.

Home theater is my main hobby (even more-so than gaming) I've read about, evaluated, installed & calibrated (for myslef, friends & family) many displays over the years. If you want LCD and a picture as realistic (natural) as can be had, nothing... I repeat, NOTHING comes close to Sony.

Here's my two cents, once you've narrowed down to what TV's you are interested in, go to the and find that specific TV's thread (search for it by make model and number).  There you can read hundreds of other owners reviews and experience with that particular display.  Take the time to read the whole thread.  

I recommend SONY, even though Samsung and Sony are the 2 top brands. I was going to get Samsung, but after doing some research (wikipedia, sony/samsung website, youtube, google, yahoo), have decided on Sony.

Why Sony? Samsung experiences lagging issues. And firmware released by Samsung doesn't always fix a problem. Samsung also doesn't go into depth about which picture signals it's HypeReal processor can process.

On the other hand, Sony's Bravia 3 & X-Reality picture processors can process very poor, low, standard, and high resolution interlaced and progressive pictures, and display them really well. Sony is also located more in NZ & Australia than Samsung is.

I'd also go for LED. LED is thinner, lighter, and uses less electricity than LCD. Don't go for plasma as they use a lot of electricity and are only really good for dark rooms.

I'm planning on getting the Sony KDL40EX720 OR KDL40EX520. The Sony TV's which feature gorilla glass are tooooo expensive.

[quote user="smileskybird"]I'd also go for LED. LED is thinner, lighter, and uses less electricity than LCD. Don't go for plasma as they use a lot of electricity and are only really good for dark rooms.[/quote]My 65" plasma that costs ~$30 to power for an entire year, says differently.

[quote user="smileskybird"]I'm planning on getting the Sony KDL40EX720 OR KDL40EX520. The Sony TV's which feature gorilla glass are tooooo expensive.[/quote]

Those have poor panel uniformity which is a weakness of many LED edge-lit LCDs.

To the original poster, visit and do your research, there are a lot of extremely knowledgeable people there.

I agree with OG Pooh Sony is amazing great picture and reliable.I've had Sony's for ever all the way back to CRT's and they're the best in my mind.As for LED vs lamp backlite LCD's i wouldn't worry about the energy lost it's hardly noticeable.I would look in to the XBR line I have a Sony 40" bravia XBR 4 and everyone that see it is jealous (my brother hates that i have it) they are expensive ($3000 when i bought it) but they're going down.

It seems ironic using a Sony product (HDTV) with a Microsoft product (Xbox 360). The two may not like each other...