Bullets! Bullets everywhere!!!

Project Root

, coming to Xbox One.

Ever since I played Gradius and Sky Shark on the NES, I've had a fondness for 2D-shooters, but this looks all-but impossible to me. Maybe I'm just getting older and losing my touch; reflexes going out and all that. Or maybe, the developers are just bat-poop insane...


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Oh I'm  totally for this, the xb and 360 has some excellent shooters, Shikigami No Shiro 2 was awesome, Maybe the whole Shikigami series followed by a Cave series.

Future game with gold. Not really my cup of tea, but ehrmeged all da bullets!

reminds me of the old pop n twinbee on the snes... classic

will i play it though, probably not.

"Deathsmiles 2", "Dodonpachi: Ressurection" and "Akai Katana".

I miss the CAVE Shmups.

It would be great if they brought a CAVE collection to the XBox ONE.

Reminds me of Defender on GameCube..... enjoyable.

Is this game buggy ? Has anyone managed to actually get their XP and us them? I have had 2 lots awarded now but I never actually get them. Also there seems to be an area on the map where you can't actually shoot the enemies. Looks like something else launched before it was ready, but when its ready it will be awesome.