BT Broadband, Any good?

I Know, At the moment, I am extremely fed up with Virgin Media. Their phone line is crap, it charges us Premium numbers and the itemise bills are wrong and nonsense. But the main part of this thread is that the broadband they offer is atrociously bad and horrendous. Constant disconnections and lag. I pay £22.50 for the broadband and the broadband size is M. I did a speedtest before and found out that the download speed is only 9.80Mbps which is very low for the amount I pay. After seeing BT's fabulous deal, which is here. The package which is £28, up to 40MB download speed and 10MB upload speed, Anytime calls, unlimited usage and free for first 3 months is the one I am looking for. Is it any good? Also is the 40MB internet any good for gaming? Shall I get rid of Virgin media for this?

Now, I know this isnt really xbox related which is this part but anyway if I convert to BT, Will I have the same telephone number which I have at the moment with Virgin Media?


I am fed up Virgin Media!




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Ive never taken their phone line myself but have always had broadband - cancel the phone and spend a little extra on a higher speed connection.

Ive got size M and have never had a problem but if you're that fed up with them then change.

you can check how much speed u will get with bt if u type in speed test bt in google test ur connection see if it worth it :) im with bt and they amazing

Sky Broadband is the cheapest and most stable. I spent 6 years with BT and since I've changed over to Sky I saved money and had a great connection.

Nobody here can give you an entirely straight yes or no answer.

Most of the considerations are specific to your location - distance to the exchange, availability on your exchange, if Infinity is enabled on your exchange (I'm guessing you probably got something through the post?)

What I would do is go ahead with the speed test sebbong suggested (although it's not entirely accurate - when I was with BT they said I'd get 7.9 - I got 2 to 3Mbps. That was a few years ago, but it kind of made me skeptical).

I'd also consider visiting, run a exchange search on your postcode or phone number, and see what services are available.

If Infinity is not available, consider signing up for an LLU enabled provider at your exchange. Like I said, I got 2 to 3 Mbps with BT. At the same property I am getting around 12 to 13 Mbps using Be Broadband.

Having said that, at the property I am going to move to, Be can only offer me around 8Mbps, and BT Infinity is supposed to be around 39.4Mbps. I know I'm moving over to it.

Ofcom has very good advice about moving ISP.

@xD4DDY - that's not true. If you are an existing Sky provider then it makes sense to get the bundled package (and yes, in that instance it is cheaper), but not everyone wants to line Rupert Murdoch's pockets with more money, watch Ross Kemp, or see David Jason dressed as a Wizard.

It's also worth mentioning that you could talk to Virgin. They are committed to the broadband speed code of practice which means they should offer an alternative package if your actual speed is significantly lower than the advertised package.

Is BT any good for Gaming?

ye its amazing but depending on the speed with ur line

I am gonna go with BT Infinity, I went on BT speedtest and the highest download speed that I'll be getting 35Mbps, any good for gaming?

of course lol that brill make sure when u go with them that the hub nat type on open they it be awsum

Also, is the phone line any good? Do they cheat? Do they say that one day I phoned someone even though I didnt call anyone. Thats what virgin love to do, lol. Cheat with people on the itemized bills.

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