I just had the scare of the year!!

There is this storm passing the east coast caused an interruption in electrical power. I could not get the XB1 to turn on for nothing and the brick light (was orange). All my other electronics worked except XB1 and one other floor speakers. 

After catching breath from this initial shock, I assessed the Monster surge protector and seen no unusual lights or errors.  Monster could have been my saving grace had I not resolved everything. 

I unplugged the XB1 from the monster for about 30 sec and placed it back into the monster still nothing.  I tried another (different) monster socket; Instant relief, The light on the brick changed to white (blue tinted) I unplugged the Monster and all my electronics for about 30 sec.

Brown outs and power surges will ruin your holidays if your not properly protected with quality gear.

I believe I am going to install (an up to date model) battery backup surge protection system to eliminate brown outs from any future under voltage situation.

My XB1 is every bit as important as my TV and  AVR; and at $500.00 a pop I think every ounce of protection is worth it.


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