Brothers In Arms: Furious 4..... are they being serious?!

I watched the E3 video where they showed the trailer for this and just like me at the end of it the audience were just sat in silence thinking WTF?

I can't understand why they'd just totally drop the story line from the previous BIA games and just make a totally different style of game like this which just seems like 4 guys from Inglorious Bastards running around shooting Germans. 

Also at the end of Hell's Highway, Legget said to Baker 'I hope you like snow', suggesting the next game would take place in Bastogne etc.

So have they genuinelly decided against this and are going down this pathetic other route?


If so then oh dear.


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Bothers In Arms is an EA game I believe so don't expect anything to remain the same.

EA are currently in some kind of "Oh my god we need to rip off cod" crisis hence there obsession with referencing Call of duty in Medal of Honor and then buying up

The EA sheep will blindly follow anything they do EG- Badcompany 2(pants sniper fest) Medal of honour(pants sniper fest)

If EA, and its franchises "battlefield" etc could forget about cod maybe they would produce a real killer app, Battlefield 3 needs Modernwarfare 3 to help it but yet no COD game ever mentions Battlefield.

So just accept its an EA GAME and EA and in some kind of full of OMG WE NEEDZZ TO KILZORZ CODZZZZZZZ 3LSE WE FAILZORZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. moment.

Shame seeing as Brothers In Arms WAS such an epic game.  I've just re-bought and re-completed Hell's Highway and it's really dissapointing that they are not going to carry it on as the ending suggested.

Poor show EA/Gearbox and whoever else is gunna be involved in this car crash.

BIA is developed by Gearbox and published by Ubisoft so the outburst about EA is a little harsh.

I agree with you Jono, the first games were awesome and some of my favourite shooters ever- this latest looks terrible, I don't really know why it is bearing the BIA title, it looks like it bears no resemblance at all.

Don't get why they put 'To be continued' at the end after all the talk about snow if they are just gunna go off a totally different and pathetic route.

Reckon there's any chance they are actually working on a serious game to follow HH or do you reckon I should just forget about it all together?

Who knows, there have been some interweb rumours that they will start working on a serious follow up after this trash comes out, but that's all they probably are - rumours.

I would just resign yourself to the possibility you won't be getting a true sequel, and if they do release one it will be a nice suprise.

This game would be fine if it didn't have the "Brothers in Arms" name just whacked onto it. To be honest, putting the name on something such as this is a dis-service to the BIA series.

It looks good to me.

I think this looks good, but makes no sense completely changing the story and putting the BIA name to it... could have just created a whole new game title instead? I'm likely to buy this on the cheap though once it's already been out for a few months...

Don't panic! They've already said that they will be carrying on Bakers story "soon". Source.

The time they wasted making this s**t could have been spent making the next game in the story.

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