Brink - What do people think?

Got this game yesterday and first impressions were good, played the first game not really knowing what i was supposed to do but soon got used to it, there's a bit of a learning curve but nothing to difficult. Played through it with one other person against bots. Can see this game will be a lot better with 2 full teams.

There's 2 things that have stood out that i wasn't impressed with

1. The AI, at one point my whole team were just standing still doing nothing, when your 20 min into a game and trying to take on a whole team by yourself it can get annoying.

2. Its short, Already i have finished one of the stories, think it much have taken around 4 hours for one story to compleation, even the What if missions.

Overall, its a good game but short, deffinatly worth a rent, not sure if i'll be playing it this time next week tho.


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I think it's great - the complete opposite of these 'new' forums

Just got it in the post today so will try it later.

I am more looking forward to the multiplayer side of the game to be honest, hoping it might become another cult classic like Shadowrun lol.

Played a bit last night and loved it, although it took quite a bit of getting used to, I am still confused this morning!! :)

This really is a multiplayer only game, if you want to play it for the campaign, I wouldn't bother, but when playing with friends it is great.  We played a few online matches and I had crazy lag in one but the rest were fine, didn't notice any trouble with the AI, so far so good.  

It does remind me slightly of shadowrun for some reason, maybe it's the art style?

I couldnt get on with it at all to be honest. Normally I keep on at games until I like them but had to give up this one. Put it on ebay this morning and it sold within 3 minutes at a loss to me of £4. I will now await for LA Noire :)

Yeah the devs have said they are aware of the lag issues the people have been reporting and are working on a fix ASAP.

Here is a write up of the game in my opinion.

Challenge mode.
Works very well. There are 4 sets of challenges, Objective, Parkour, Escort and Tower Defence. This mode teaches you the 3 core objectives of the game and teaches you the SMART system. You also unlock most of the weapons by completing these.

Campaign online is good fun, you can either play up to 8 people VS bots and work together to beat the mission or play 8 v 8 people. The singleplayer alone is rubbish but with co-op its alot more fun. It is also a good way to learn the ropes with more detail than Challenge mode.

This was laggy at first but then It stopped and hasn't lagged for me since. Either side is well balanced with Defending or attacking, if the enemy builds a good attack team you will need to build a good defence to stop them. So far I've played without a mic and everyone seems to know what to do, people throwing revives, ammo and buffs without having to ask/hit them. There are 8 maps but with 2 sets of objectives on each side, so in theory 16 different levels to play through.

Final thoughts; Don't be put off by the reviews. This game has been more fun to me than the previous Halo and COD combined. But note, It is all about working as a team. Lone wolves need

I have only played one mission so far, so impressions may change. I have had no problems using the Smart system, it seems to work very well. The graphical pop-up is no worse than Borderlands.

It is nicely hectic and feels like you are working towards something.

Early days but I am impressed.

Literally just started the game and doing some challenges, enjoying it. Shot a few people, looks nice, smart system seems to work ok, customisation is cool. Just need people online now to game with!

Can't wait to play it, also reminds me of Shadowrun.

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