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I have a question to anyone with Brink about the online stats (supposedly)!

In the main menu there was an option to get a code like J4PLUK7TYMW3NR, and login on, quoting your code to get stats.

I have been through the whole site and cannot see where this is, anyone know about this??


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After a little searching, I found multiple reports saying that the stat's part of the website aint up yet - that'll be why you cant find it.

And going to instead of doesn't help either

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Going to instead of doesn't help either



When will it be up?

Soon hopefully...

Has anyone managed to join a friend on a freeplay public match. Tried this a few times then gave up

Bad memories of Homefront before the patch('s)

Yeah, me and Friend have managed it. It's still pretty laggy but Im happy playing Co-Op against bots - doesn't seem to lag at all when I play that.

I thinking when the update and free DLC comes out in june then the stats will also show up,if you have facebook like there page and they should give an update about it.