Brink Sold 2.5 Million Copies

I presume that Includes all the copies you can pick up for next to nothing nowadays!!


Global sales for developer Splash Damage's online-focused shooter Brink has reportedly sold over 2 million copies to date.

The sales figure comes from a recent Gamasutra interview with
CEO Paul Wedgwood who said the game was successful for the company.




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So around 2.4 million dissapointed gamers then :P. Maybe it was just me but this game was mighty pants, or maybe just not what I expected.

The game was broken on release, but the publishers buried that fact under so much hype and marketing, mostly by gaming media such as GameSpot UK, Fried to Xbox, who dedicated an entire podcast to the developers waffle


Sadly gamers only discovered the truth about the game once they had bought it or rented it. It being so cheap now and little is played online shows how bad it must be

I thought it was ok, but then I paid £10 for it so for that price it was half decent. Online was pretty good but the single player was hopeless.

I liked the customisation of characters, that's something that should be put in more shooters.

I agree with Coops993, I also though it was ok for the mere £10 I paid for it, I would not have been happy if I paid the full whack, average at best, but not the worst.

Brink was okay. It was a nice story-driven twist on an FPS, but ultimately failed in its execution.

If Splash Damage goes back to the drawing board to give it another go, I'd be happy to try it out again, but Richard Ham et al will have needed to have learned from their mistakes if they intend on really succeeding. 


It was a great game that didn't work online.


Unfortunately it was meant to be played online.



Maybe im just weird, but i paid full price and enjoyed it.  Of course i trading it in after a few weeks when the online side was still messed up.

One of my most anticipated games before release, one of my biggest dissapointments after release :-(

What was wrong with it as i never played it?

I understand it was a FPS with RPG features?

The single player was identical to multiplayer just filled with computer controlled characters instead who were pretty rubbish to say the least.

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