Brink Patch and possible forum game

I'd like to arrange a forum game of Brink but I find the online mode far too laggy. Apart from the day one patch, are there any plans to try and fix the lag problem?

If not, then I see no point in trying to arrange the aforementioned forum game.

Cheers folks.


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I've just found this

With that in mind, who's up for a forum game? Assuming this patch actually arrives this week.

Ive read alot about this latest patch and I dont believe they will hit the deadline for this patch. :D

Is there a deadline? If so, who imposed it? What does this deadline mean for the future of Brink?

Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays are out for me but I can be free the rest of the time. If we can reach consensus on a time/date, then forum game should happen, no?

The patch has been passed to microsoft and is just waiting on approval. According to

I will buy this game again once the lag is sorted.

I must have been really lucky, I didn't get any lag at all. Managed to get the full 1000GS from it too, so it's not like I only played a few games.