Bring manual invites to the Xbox One!


I am sick and tired of waiting for an invite from your new " Auto invite system " me and my friend have been trying to figure out how to join each others game on Forza 5 for a while now, sometimes it gives us the options and others times it doesn't. I also get game invites for no reason when I'm trying to play alone while talking to friends! Please bring back the option to auto invite before more games come out!! I do like the new windows 8 idea for the Xbox One and there are many other things I like about this console aswell, but the auto invite system is not one of them and I find it a complete waste. I also don't like how you have to be in the same party to invite people! I don't know what you guys were thinking about this one, I have read many other posts on the Xbox forums about this problem and non of them have been resolved nor answered. Please Microsoft, please give the options to auto invite..

In all, I find this system super confusing...

Thanks you for your time,



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