Breaking the trend Daytona non HD re-release

Apparently its coming to 360s soon and oddly will include karaoke mode aswell as the normal race modes, yeh wierd so expect to be playing a driving game where squeakiees are being encouraged to sing into the mics lol.


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Bass Fishing wasn't HD thus it is more trend brakey shakey!

Daytona? Nice!

Now gimme JetSetRadio and Chu Chu Rocket!!!!

Can we also PLEASE have a perfect port of Sega Rally 1 (Sega Saturn Version) and Virtua Racing!?

If Virtua Racing could have an HD *option* then that would be good too!

Daytona USA - why does it have to come out right before Battlefield 3.

Lot of money spent playing this over the years. The fact you can still find it in some arcades is amazing. Well, the fact you can find any game in an arcade amazes me seeing as they are all now grabber machines and fruit machines.

Where is it!?

I thought that downloads were released @ 10am GMT?

Hurry up MS!!