Bravo3Zero Recruitment Thread (Open)


Clan: Bravo3Zero
Tag: B3Z
Intraduction Bravo3Zero is a multi-gaming clan for the xbox 360. It all began in November 2001 where a few of us
met in the UBI lobbies of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, from then on we were formed. When the clan
was founded, we wanted to base its general framework into a closely knit cohesive friendship
based community with “Respect”, “Freedom” and “Reputation” being the general philosophy of what
this clan stands for. We started to play, and win, and our eyes were always on the lookout for people
who not only possessed skill, but also had the right attitude and personality with a strong desire to
become better players.

Let it be said that we will be here for a long time. As long as there is one member left, The Outcasts
will always live on.

We are looking for a members boost as we had a break. We play every day as we are active
members and would love it for you to be active to.

Games we play now
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
We have many games so playing other ones is fine as we all like to have fun. 
Upcoming games We will be playing
Battlefield 3
Fifa 12
Modern Warfare 3 
We will be playing for fun daily and will be signing up to GameBattles for clan wars. And going for the
leagues in Fifa series, Reached top 30 in world on both Fifa 10 and 11. But stopped playing fifa 11
when trigger glitch was around and never really went back.



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