Both gamertags on console showing up in xbox live parties


I'm not sure where to ask this but its really been bugging me.  I recently met someone on xbox and added them as a friend. Whenever I invite them to a party their name along with another gamertag would sign in as well. I believe there is multiple tags under the same console. I tried asking the person why this is happening but won't really say. Has anyone seen something like this? Ive watched it from time to time and seen both tags playing different games at the same time.


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Sounds fishy to me, especially if he won't say. I'd avoid him.

Are your parties "Invite Only?"


no they aren't invite only. its weired because when the person leaves so does the other at the same exact time.

Don't guest accounts or gamertags, join party chat too..?? Guest follows main players Gamertag etc..

Could be as simple as he has two profiles and signs them in, then never powers off the console.


Then again, if you can't get a straight answer as to why... I'd block him and file a complaint.

If he's got a wired controller connected in the USB port [2up] it will sign in another gamertag for a second player... As the wired controller, is always powered & active as a second player.. Players 2, 3 & 4 always follow player 1's Choice & if he joins a chat room, the others will follow...

[quote user="IceStorm III"]

Could be as simple as he has two profiles and signs them in, then never powers off the console.


[/quote]This would be my initial guess. Also, even if a wireless controller turns itself off, it does not sign the user off of LIVE.


You have to choose one as the main gamertag in games though & the second player, would have to be always active on start up of the console etc... That's why I was saying, there must be a wired controller involved & active...

If it's just him playing & invited.. Why would he turn on another wireless controller, to show two gamertags etc..??


The two gamertags, playing two different games, is what gets me though...

Could two system linked consoles, show two gamertags on the one console etc..??  Seeing how the two gamertags, are playing different games at once...