Borderlands: A Few Questions...


Thinking of picking up the game of the year edition, however I have a few questions first:

- Can you jump into a public game, or do you have to have friends playing to play the co-op?

- How is the DLC?

- How long is the game?

- Is it worth fifteen quid?

- Fun?

Thanks in advance...


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1) Not sure as never played with randoms, think you can just search though be carefull of joining folk way ahead of you and be carefull of modded weapons.


2) The DLC overall is great, the UnderDome and the last one were a bit crap but overall spot on.


3) First playthrough, without touching any DLC and doing all missions clocked in at 40 hours.


4) Worth every penny


5) lots of fun, but play co-op

Yes you can jump in with randoms, it is much better with friends though

The dlc is fantastic

A good 40 hours

£14.91 at Asda (Game of the year edition) Well worth it!

Loads of fun, again best with friends

Oh cool, cheers guys. It was the Asda site I was looking at, great price it would seem as most online sites seem to be sold out. I guess I'll just convince my brother to buy it for co-op and at £15 he's no excuse not to. Fourty hours sounds great, as it looks as though its going to be a lean summer in terms of game releases.

Plus am I right in thinking with this I get the first Duke Nukem DLC free? pretty sure I read that somewhere...

Not sure on Duke Nukem, Ill try to find out.  If you play each dlc, in each playthru, I rekon it will be pushing 90 hours.  You will most definately get hours and hours of fun!

If you buy the GOTY edition of Borderlands you should get a Duke Nukem First Access Club code, when you sign up and enter it, it gives you a code for the demo and according to the email i got other day, the first multiplayer DLC for Duke will be free.

There ya go. Now, go buy Borderlands! lol

one of the best games ever

and for £15 with all the dlc mate that's money well spent!

love borderlands i got all the dlc i like the zombie one the best i love zombies

YESyou can jump into a online game thou make sure you host it or your just be running around doing quests for some1 else if they further in quest line than you.

DLC is great..

the game is looong yes you could run through it but there are hidden quests that dont follow the quest line and your have to search for them.also once you complete the game you get to playthrough 2 then 2.5 where everything gets harder and equipment is better.(got 3 chars to lvl69) lvl69 is max lvl btw.

Its well worth the money i got it when it came out and its a game i wont get rid of because its a keeper :D.

FUN? yep its great prob better co-op multi play than solo thou...

Tips for when you get there check out the armoury glitch so you can farm it over and over to get great guns ;)