Borderland COOP 'Buddies'


I bought Borderlands just after release and stupidly traded it before all the DLC came out, im hoping to pick up the Game of the Year edition some time in the next 2 weeks, and i was wondering if anyone here would like to play the game and complete the downloadable content and just have some fun on it!

Im also looking for another game to add to my extremely small collection (Traded 99% of my games in as i wanted cash badly), i was thinking of getting Deus Ex Human Revolution but cant bring myself to spend £40 for a game i am not hyped for.


Thank you,



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*Is a borderlands geek* And don't fork out cash for a new release unless you REALLY want it. So wait on deus ex then.

Are you up for some COOP some time in the next few weeks then?

Yeah i think i might just keep £40 spare for Gears of War 3, as im a huge fan of Gears!

Sure, I'm online a lot. So bound to catch me (evening on weekdays like 5-10 or so I'm not on but other then that)

Speaking of borderlands still need that one dam achievment left last dlc wasn't made by gearbox so got stupid achievements a lot of farming etc items from claptraps -_-

Great, ill send you a friend request in a second! I hardly play my xbox anymore so im trying to get a few games to get me back into it ready for BF3, MW2 and GOW3!

I managed to get 1000/1000 for Borderlands but then the DLC came out and ruined everything:(

Ill play with you. If you get it before dead island comes out that is. Once thats out I wont be touching any other game. I have the secret armoury and zombie island dlc. Hit me a friend request if you want.

Yeah sure! I think il be buying it on the 30th!

Looking forward to playing with guys!

I can always join, have a few things still to do and the character could always do with levelling up

I still play im happy to play through again i have a fully levelled character and will give away some rare weapons. Not that you could use them but you could sell em as there worth 99999999 also have all dlc.