Boosting can effect others. Good or bad

I was in a match yesterday on Black Ops 2 on cargo and there was 1 of my team members and another from the other team in the back of the truck doing something with there tac insert (i assume boosting) when i shot the other team our team member shot me (team killed) at the same time i had tossed out my care package (a lighting strike), when i re-spawn i got my ..... UAV, CARE PACKAGE, SENTRY GUN and another lighting strike (which had been taken by somebody else), My aim was no dead on, and i was kicking butt (i normally suck) and all day my aim was dead on and everytime i would reach my UAV.......... i would get my care package and sentry gun at the same time. I just received a message from MS Live that my skill level didnt match my game play and ive been demoted............. Im ok with that as i didnt archive that level but really hate when **** do this crap, dont get me wrong it was great while i was on i went to level 42 (started at level 35) today all was done legit up to level 47 and now im back to 35 where i started yesterday.............. how can i get the security team to look at my history and see i was not a part of that?


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you would need to ask on the developers website,it will be them that demoted you not microsoft.

what do you mean developers.......? activition/ Treyarch, if so where do i find that