Blue ray flashes screen of projector.

My Xbox one has a HDMI to VGA adapter on rear output. Then a 15' VGA cable to Epson Powerlite 83+. It works great on gaming. When I play a bluray it flashes screen a second on then off continuously. If I hit home the whole screen flashes still not just preview window. If I change to 720p it does not do this. 

The length isn't an issue as I've tried the adapter powered and unpowered. Also my bluray player in 1080p does not have this issue. 

Any thoughts?


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It's HDCP, VGA cannot do a HDCP handshake, The projector you are using wont do 1080p, its native resolution is 1024 x 768, supported video modes are 720p up to 1080i, your blu-ray isn't outputting 1080p.

Gotcha. Thanks again for the reply.


Thanks, makes sense. An idea why my stand alone blue ray player is set to 1080p but it works?

Depends on the blu-ray player, it might be trying to output 1080p but the display may be down converting it to 720p.