Blu-ray vs Red-ray

Our current console uses red ray discs which can only have upto 9gigs of memory for use,while a double layered Blu-ray disc can have upto 50gigs of memory on the disc;i hope Microsoft uses Blu-ray discs for the next console,then again with the rumored power of the new console,they wont have much choice.The rumor is it will use a Radion 7000 graphics chip inside the console,which means the new console will be six times more powerful then the 360.Imagine what an Elder Scrolls game would look like on a console that has that much power?!


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[quote user="ProvidedSet91"]The rumor is...[/quote]This is the problem with any Discussion/s in regards to a Next Gen. Until it is released, it's all just Rumor and Speculation. Short story, none of this matters now.

^^ It doesn't matter, but it's still fun to talk about. I would love for next gen to use the holo-disc.


The Xbox External HD-DVD Optical Drive used a Blue Laser Diode & that was the reason why, you couldn't play Xbox 360 DVD games on it.. That, drive can also play China Blue HD-DVD Triple Layer Discs, which hold 75GB etc.. They "cannot" decode Blu-ray movies though & can damage the drive... 

You can't play games on the HD DVD drive because Microsoft didn't enable that functionality. The drive itself can read DVDs just fine.

I know IceStorm III... HD-DVD can also hold DVD encoding on the same disc too & the Infrared Laser Diode, didn't have functionality, other than reading DVD movie discs... Does it really matter, when I said it couldn't read Xbox 360 DVD games (Copyrighted Format) or Blu-ray Movie discs etc...

There was no need to read Xbox 360 games, when it was attached, to a Xbox 360 console with a Xbox 360 Game Optical Drive etc.. 

Yes, but you're stated blue diode is why the HD DVD drive can't play games. That isn't the reason. The HD DVD drive, like virtually all HD DVD and/or Blu-ray drives, also contains the LED required to read bog-standard DVDs.

It was designed more for the Blue Laser Diode Functionality IceStorm III (Xbox HD-DVD External Drive)... Do you have to argue over Everything...????

Read mechanism 405 nm laser:
1× @ 36 Mbit/s & 2× @ 72 Mbit/s

405 nm – InGaN blue-violet laser for HD DVD drives..

I have always had a question about blu-ray in regards to PS3. How come the disc can hold so much more than a DVD but on PS3 the games don't look or function better? They pretty much appear the same, at least to me they do.

The right image, shows how the data read, by the Blue Laser Diode, has smaller pits on disc surface & holds more data per mm etc..

PS3 Blu-ray, is only beneficial for watching Blu-Ray movies in a higher frame rate (Steady 48FPS & can't fluctuate without visual loss) with DTS sound & is only used to hold more storage for games, with no beneficial graphics or frame rate gain (30 FPS with higher CPU/GPU load for games) etc..

If Xbox 360 had a Blu-Ray drive, it would be a different story...

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