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Hi everyone!

I recently tried to watch a film that I have owned on blu ray for a while but have never got round to watching..

So i started up my xbox one and put the disc in (Damned United for anyone who cares!), and when it has finished loading i get a screen which i cannot bypass, which displays information regarding ''The disc comes with digital versions of the full length movie for transfer to your pc, itunes or my psp device''.

Im not sure what this means, does it mean it cannot be played by my xbox one?

When i try to click any button a red 'no entry like sign' appears in the top corner meaning that the function is blocked?

Any ideas?!


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I had a similar issue, the A Button brought up the red error icon, the B button allowed me to bypass and forward through stuff. However the blu ray played glitchy and was unwatchable and ended up freezing my dashboard. Customer service walked me through several things, finally they suggested I uninstall that app and they sent me a new console. I could still play the original one up until I got the new one. So far blu ray works on new one. Hope this helps.