Blu-ray drive plays DVD's, not Blu-rays or game discs

My Xbox One console has a persistent problem playing Blu-ray movies and game discs but plays DVD's just fine. Upon inserting a disc (either movie or game) it doesn't acknowledge that a disc has been inserted. Sometimes removing and reinserting the disc multiple times will 'force' the console to 'see' the disc but results vary wildly - case in point, I just tried The Little Mermaid blu-ray 30 times and it never once acknowledged that a disc was inserted but then it worked on the 2nd try with another movie. Meanwhile, every DVD movie I put in works just fine the first time.

I've tried clearing the persistent storage, turning off BD-Live, all of that - nothing.

The drive makes some rather interesting mechanical noises from time to time - no rhyme or reason to it - after which the discs usually work but even that seems to have stopped as of about a week ago. As the majority of my games were purchased digitally and my hard drive is almost full (98.8%) I'm reluctant to get a replacement because I don't want to download nearly 380GB of data all over again. Anyone know what my options might be?


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