BloodRayne: Betrayal.

Anyone played it?, what did you think?.

I am really enjoying this game, it took me a while to get used to the controls because its not my usual choice of title or genre (at all).

But its great fun so far, kind of reminds me of the old style games I used to play down the local Arcades when I was a wee nipper. And just as challenging (infuriatingly so) as I remember them being 'I went through a lot of 10 pence pieces back then :)'. I really like the graphical style of the game too, some really neat effects in there but mixed in with the retro feel is something new to me. Would definitely say give it a go of you like this type of fun but maddening title.

While I'm here are there any similar type of games on the marketplace anyone would recommend as worth trying?. 

And here is where I hang my head in defeat and shame:P,
If anyone has finished it do you have any tips to kill the count?, I am a little (very) stuck tbh.


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I was looking forward to this game so much! DL it soon as it was released, like yourself took some time to get into but I got the hang on it, then...I cant remember what level it was and it just ALL turned into a platformer. I played Bloodrayne to be a hack 'n' Slash if I wanted to play a platformer I would have gone back and played Sonic 2!  The cheevo's are a challenege though, I would salute anyone who got all of them.

I have to agree with that Evo, the first few levels were what I expected form the game but then it all went a little jumpy. I still enjoyed it though but it would have been nice to have a little more of what the first levels offered.

Did you manage to kill the count after the ballroom? (Rayne's cousin I think), I still have not managed it. I have no idea how many levels are left after this one tbh, hopefully it will return to the combat side of the game.

Haha yeah I have only managed to get one achievement so far (bounce on x amount of heads). I know for sure I will not get some of them, like gaining the highest rank on each level. I'm just not good enough on this type of game.

I'm glad to see Bloodrayne's return but it lack substance for me. Bloodrayne will always be a 3rd person. Although the new art style is amazing and it was really well presented.