Hi there,

Yesterday I took it upon myself to start writing a video game blog. And really I'm just looking for a bit of feedback from you guys about the site and your opinions on the content posted upon it.

Any advice or instruction would be greatly appreciated. the link can be found below:

Thanks in advance,



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Hi, Adam.


The picture of you snapping a PS1 control pad in your blog deeply offends me.

And if I may be so bold, the picture of you at the bottom doesn't instill much confidence.


It's like a 1960's mugshot of some sort of... deviant.


So! hope my advice helped, the articles you wrote were true enough at least.

ha, cheers for that, the snapping of the playstation controller, just highlights my rage at some of the BS that goes down in the industry today, though I was a N64 fanboy ;) . The mugshot, eh? its not that bad is it? I was going for edgy not so much 'deviant'... Maybe I'll look into changing that...

Any opinion on the review I put up on 'Deus-Ex'? First review I've ever done, though I feel it should be longer than it is.

Yeh you're not allowed to make threads to advertise your blog.

You have to put the link in your sig just like mine [shameless blog plug]

Course Deus Ex doesnt look as good as LA Noire and is showing its age, it came out 12 years ago give or take and it still beats the pants out of nearly every single game released since.

Stop the pointless swearing, also stop the AVGN impression, the 'rage' doesn't appear to come natural, just forced.