Blank screen ...starting to get annoyed!!

Ever since i had the update my xbox one gets a blank screen ,its getting a little annoying having to keeps pressing eject and start button everytime i come out of a game.


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So, who else is glad they weren't chosen for the menu beta?

I pretty sure it has nothing to do with preview update. A lot of people have been experiencing difficulties ever since the February update. Plus the preview update isn't even accessible yet. People are only registering their consoles for now.

Then I count myself part of the lucky few who has had no issues so far besides kinect not recognizing me in glasses.

Just hold power button on console for 10secs, it should fix the problem.

After the update, a few days passed then my Kinect forgot who I was, and even asked for my password to confirm. Nothing of the sort since though.

Well think of how bad ps4 fanboys have it!!

Kinect recognition. Great until your hair grows a bit longer and you havent used the kinect for a while. It memorizes you and even accepts minor changes over time. But skip out for a while and grow a beard and kinect is more or less saying: "WHO ARE YOU???!!!".

I've also had the blank screen, 4 times now, every time when pressing the home button on the controller when going back to the dashboard from a game. Having to do a 10 second reset each time. Only started doing this since the February update, also had the kinect forget who I was and had to sign in with my password once, the Yes confirmation on 'Xbox Turn off' stopped working, had to do another 10 second reset to fix that one. Hopefully they fix all this because it was working spot on before the update.

Ah yes' I came here to post this exact problem,

All was well untill the February update.

Now I get the blank screen,

I use another device on a spare hdmi port on the tv, and switch between the xbox-one and other device .

Leaving the xbox-one running the tv app, when I switch back to the hdmi port hosting the xbox

I just see a blank screen,  (this NEVER happened before the update)

I can still hear the xbox responding to controled from the controler and kinect requests.

Also the tv is not displaying 'no signal'  so I'm guessing something is still being output by the xbox,

Just happens that something is a blank screen.

Also as a site note' the kinect's IR blaster function has stopped powering down the tv every time.

It did before the update, flawlessly waking the tv and putting it to standby every time.

Now it's hit n miss at best.

I forgot to detail,,

Virgin media TiVo INTO the xbox

Xbox  OUTPUTS  to samsung (hdmi 1)

AppleTV OUTPUTS to samsung (hdmi 2)

Noticed blank screen when returning to hdmi 1 and expecting to see the last

App still running (TV app)

Iif the tv app is left running it will happily do so all day, so long as I don't switch my tv's inputs.