Blades of Destruction (Halo Reach Clan)

Greetings, I am Pete2DSM2 (Erbr 'Adulee). Leader of the Blades of Destruction. We are an all elite clan with a ranking system that mainly follows the canon of Halo. We play non-competitively and competitively. We have our own clan matches and we play a mixture of every gametype there is. Fundamentally we play for fun. If you would like to play with us then message me and I'll add you.

 Register on both of these sites: (main site)

Message Xzan Tamasee that you have registered through my clan and he'll let you on the site above. (our site)

 A few of our members have capture cards so that we can do montages, machinimas... You name it. I've lead clans before and so have a few of my members. So if you want to play with us and have fun this is the clan for you.


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