black ops live - connection problems

Is anyone having trouble plaing black ops online, ive been playing black ops for months but all of a sudden its saying cant connect to x box live, please try later but its been 3 days. but i can play other games online fine it just seems to be black ops can anyone help please


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Don't  worry move on and be happy .

Its issues with live full stop


     We are in upstate NY and as of recently, we are having an intermittent issues of trying to connect to Black Ops on  line.  All the other games work fine but this one is causing us grief.  Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.  I have been emailing Netgear, Activision and even Time Warner and so far no one has figured this out.  It is not the way the router is configured since I bypassed the router and directly connected the ethernet cable from the xbox to the cable modem and we still experienced the same issue.  Is it possible that this is caused by too many people on line playing black ops?  No idea but just frustrating.