Black ops headset or Gears of War 3 headset?

I'm torn between buying the Tritton True 5.1 Black Ops headset($169) that are out now or wait til the Tritton 7.1 Gears of War headset($179) that comes out in Sept. My old Tritton AX360's are getting kinda shabby and its time to upgrade. I don't care for or need wireless so Turtle Beach's are out. Plus i tried a demo of them at Best Buy today and wasn't really impressed. I love being able to adjust the rear volume on true surround headphones and I know simulated surround headphones won't let you do that, but I figure if its 7.1 then it'll be pretty easy to hear behind me regardless. Anyone using the Black Ops headset and care to chime in?


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Well the Black Ops is just a themed version of the AXPro model with 4 audio drivers per ear and a nice illuminated inline toggle switch volume control.

While the Gears 3 will apparently is a fancied up AX720 model with some minor changes and only has one 40mm driver per ear and get uses Dolby tech to simulate surround with a far simpler inline volume control.

IMO the Gears 3 one costs more and offers less than the Black Ops\AXPro. I own an AXPro and compared to my AX360 there is no contest. Never had a headset that sounded as good them and I have own a lot of headphones and four 5.1 headphones AX360, AXPro, Roccat Kave, and Medusa 5.1. Easily beats high end stereo headphones with great Dolby simulation form a Creative X-fi sound card. Get the Black Ops or the AXPro whichever looks better to you and you won't regret it.

Another option is Tritton/Madcatz will soon release the only official wireless headset for the 360. That means no wire running from the controller to the headset or inline remote. It actually uses the proprietary protocol to communicate directly to the 360 for voice. It's not out yet and I am not sure what the price will be.

Thanks for the great info! I went with the black ops set figuring that the Gears set will be cheaper down the road and more reviews will help me decide if its even worth it. (plus i read the AX Pro's use 2 AC adapters which would be difficult with my setup.) Got em off of Gameshark's website for $169 w/ free shipping (w/ coupon code) because they threw in a free optical adapter worth $20. Even tho i have one already, it's a great backup. (= Just curious, what do you put your settings at? If you don't mind.

For my AXPro I leave  the decoder at stock settings. One thing you don't want to do is increase the volume on the decoder since it likes to introduce some distortion in the sub channel. It's pretty much identical to the AX360 decoder. Just use the great inline remote and keep all the channels at the same level. I pretty much never have to go above white which is the medium volume color and red can probably make you deaf. =) It's nice to never accidentally pull the wire and crank a channel up to ten like I have several times with the AX360. Also the newer revisions of the AXPro uses a single high quality transformer that powers the decoder and headset with one wire that splits into two at the end. It also has a break away right above the inline remote so you can store the headset and just tuck the cable away.

Wow! I watched a video on those official 7.1 headsets. They look pretty cool plus comes with 2 rechargeable batteries. Thats the one thing that really sells me on them is having the extra battery charge in the decoder while using the other one. So i guess when i decide to buy a 7.1 headset i'll have to pick between these one and Gears 3 headsets...but that'll be a ways off. Btw my Black Ops headset is supposed to be coming today via Fedex. Finally, it seems like its been forever since i ordered them. (=

I'm having the same dilemma. Now that you have been using them for a while, whats your review?

I have one word, ASTRO.  

I bought a pair of Astro A40's and I now swear by them.  I know this isn't exactly answering your question, but I just thought I would offer them as a suggestion as they are a very good headset.